Circuit Expedition to Jordan

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Selected date: 18/10/2019



Boarding and departure by flight plan. Arrival at the international airport of Amman. Visa procedures. Hotel moving and lodging


Breakfast and departure to the east of the city, to visit some of the so-called Castles del Desierto. These constructions from the seventh to the eleventh centuries had different uses, such as military forts and inns. Return to Amman. In the afternoon departure to the Dead Sea, the lowest point of the earth, 400 meters below sea level. Possibility of bathing in its dense and therapeutic waters. Dinner and accommodation.


Breakfast and departure to visit the Orthodox Church of San Jorge, where the first mosaic map of the Holy Land is located. Continue to Mount Nebo to admire the panoramic view of the Jordan Valley and the Dead Sea from the mountain. Continue to Little Petra. With the name of Little Petra, located a few kilometers north of the great Nabataean center, with which it has in common, in addition to the origins, the presence of a narrow gorge and buildings dug into the rock. Continuation to Petra. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.


Breakfast. Departure in the morning to visit the mysterious and spectacular pink city of Petra, excavated in the rock by the Nabateans, protected by impenetrable mountains. The excursion begins with the crossing through the gorge, called Siq. Visit of the Khazneh (the Treasury), a sumptuous royal tomb. Afterwards, we will visit the Roman theater and dozens of burial chambers of different cultures, houses and caves. Possibility of visiting the Monastery, going up about 800 steps. Rest of free time. Dinner and accommodation.


Breakfast and departure to Wadi Rum. On arrival there will be an interesting excursion in peculiar vehicles 4 x 4, driven by Bedouins, to observe the wonders that nature has done, with rocks and sand. After the tour, transfer to the camp, one of the best in the area. Bedouin dinner and accommodation


Breakfast. At the time indicated by the guide, return to Amman. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.


Breakfast and panoramic visit of the city of Amman, on the way to Jerash. Its most important avenues, the Ciudadela, the urban center and the Roman Theater. Arrival in Jerash, located approximately 45 km north of the capital. Visit the Arc de Triomphe, the magnificent oval square, the thistle, the colonnade, the temple of Aphrodite and the Roman theater. On the way back to Amman, visit of Ajlun Castle, a castle from the time of the Crusaders, located at the top of the mountain and from which a beautiful view is contemplated. Later I return to Amman. Dinner and accommodation.


Breakfast (according to flight schedule and opening of the hotel restaurant). At the agreed time with our representative, transfer to the airport and departure according to the plan of return flights to Spain. End of trip and our services.


International flights in economy class, 3 Nights Amman, 1 night Dead Sea, 2 nights Petra, 1 night upper camp in Wadi Rum, 7 breakfasts (or 6 according to flight schedules) and 6 dinners (without drinks), Transfers, Speech Guide Hispanic during visits, basic travel insurance, documentation, fees and fuel.

Not included

Insurance coverage and cancellation costs (up to a maximum of € 1,500): € 35. Guide and driver tips (at your discretion).

Visa not included: 40JD. The visa can be obtained free of charge, processed by our representatives at your arrival in Amman, for which it will be essential that you send us a scanned copy of the current passport when making the reservation.


The schedules of the stages of the circuit, the order or the schedule of the pick-ups of the participants by their respective hotels are not part of the combined trip since they depend on multiple factors that can not be anticipated at the time of booking (climatology, stops to be made at the discretion of the guide, group pace, traffic status etc ...). The free time available to the client and the excursions hired at the destination are not part of the combined travel contract either. The order of the itinerary can vary without altering the content of the program. During the winter months, which coincide with the high season in Jordan (from mid-September to the end of April), the day is shorter and the time for visits may be shortened or the order of visits may be changed.

The nights in the desert of Wadi Rum tend to be cold throughout the year so it is advisable to bring something warm. Keep in mind that although the tents are equipped, they do not have the comforts of a hotel room. In some camps the dinner is entertained with music, in others not. It can not be known in advance and is not a reason to complain as the trip is contracted only with dinner. In the Dead Sea there is no visit included, so this day it is possible to travel accompanied by a representative, or a chauffeur-multilingual representative) This trip requires a visa. The entry visa to Jordan is not free, but it can be obtained free of charge, processed by our representatives upon arrival in Amman, provided you have advanced the passport information in force when making the reservation.


Destination information


 It is an important archaeological site in Jordan , and the capital of the ancient Nabataean kingdom . The name comes from the Greek Petra p?t?a meaning stone , and his name is perfectly appropriate , it is not a city built of stone but literally , carved and sculpted in stone.
The settlement of Petra is located in a narrow valley , east of the Arava valley extending from the Dead Sea to the Gulf of Aqaba . The most famous Petra ruins are certainly its buildings carved into the rock of the valley ( hemispeos ), in particular , the buildings known as the Khazneh (Treasury ) and the Deir ( the Monastery ) .
Founded in ancient times by the end of the seventh century . C. by the Edomites , was occupied in the sixth century . C. by the Nabataeans who made ??it prosper thanks to its location on the caravan route carrying incense , spices and other luxury goods between Egypt , Syria , Arabia and the southern Mediterranean .
Often described as the eighth wonder of the ancient world , Petra is without doubt the most precious treasure of Jordan and its most important tourist attraction . It's a huge city carved entirely on the rocks by the Nabateans , an Arab tribe hardworking who settled in the area over 2,000 years ago and became an important city of passage routes linking the silk, the spices and other connecting China , India and southern Arabia with Egypt , Syria , Greece and Rome.
The entrance to the city is through the Siq , a narrow gorge, over a mile long , surrounded by cliffs that rise up to 80 meters high . The simple act of walking through the Siq is an unforgettable experience . The colors and formations of the rocks are dazzling . When the end of the Siq catch your first glimpse the facade called Al- Khazneh (Treasury ) . '

Practical information about Jordan
- Area: 90,000 km ² ( the equivalent of Andalusia).
- Population: 5 million inhabitants .
Capital : Amman
- People: Arabs ( Bedouins 40 % and 60 % of Palestinians , many of them refugees from Israeli conflict ) , Circassians , Chechens and Armenians ( from the Caucasus in XIX century migrations )
- Language: Arabic, English
- Electricity: 220 V and 125 V , 50 Hz ( flat jacks )
- Weights and measures : Metric
- Currency: Jordanian dinar ( JOD ) equivalent to 0.91 Euros to March 2005
- Visa : A visa can be obtained at the border, at the airport of arrival or at the consulates in Jordan. They are valid for two weeks from the day of arrival , which could be extended to three months. The cost depends on the country of origin : travelers of certain nationalities can enter free of charge , the Spanish pay


 Few place are evidence of evolution in the history of Jordan in a way so clear as in the case of Amman, where you can see, layer by layer, the various stages of metamorphosis in the city. It was the capital of the Kingdom of Ammon at the time of the Iron Age. It became, respectively, in a city helínistica, Roman, Byzantine, then, in the heart of the Umayyad province of Al-Balqa ', at a site of ruins and abandoned in the late nineteenth century in an Ottoman city. Today, is the capital of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.
In the commercial center of the city, rub shoulders ultramodern buildings, hotels, trendy restaurants, art galleries and boutiques with traditional cafes and craft shops. Any evidence the ancient past corner of the city.
Due to the prosperity we enjoy today the city and its temperate climate, almost half of Jordan's population is concentrated in the Amman area. Residential neighborhoods mainly consist of perfectly lined streets and avenues flanked by elegant white houses as a municipal law establishes the use of local stone on the facade of the houses.

Mar Muerto

 El mar Muerto es un lago endorreico salado situado a 416,5 m bajo el nivel del mar entre Israel, Cisjordania (Estado de Palestina) y Jordania. Ocupa la parte más profunda de una depresión tectónica atravesada por el río Jordán y que también incluye el lago de Tiberíades. También recibe el nombre de lago Asfaltites, por los depósitos de asfalto que se encuentran en sus orillas, conocidos y explotados desde la Edad Antigua.1 Tiene unos 80 km de largo y un ancho máximo de unos 16 km; su superficie es aproximadamente de 810 km². Recibe agua del río Jordán, de otras fuentes menores y de la escasa precipitación que se produce sobre el lago, y el nivel de sus aguas es el resultado del balance entre estos aportes y la evaporación.

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