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Our Privacy Policy has been designed in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the Council, of April 27, 2016, regarding the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and the free circulation of these data and repealing Directive 95/46 / EC (General Data Protection Regulation), and in what does not contradict the aforementioned Regulation, by the provisions of Organic Law 15 / 1999, of December 13, Protection of Personal Data and its development regulations. The datas we take will be stored in the automatic archives "DOMINICANATOURS"whose own by Dominicana Tours,S.L.
By providing us with your data, you declare that you have read and understood this Privacy Policy, prestando su consentimiento inequívoco y expreso al tratamiento de sus datos personales de acuerdo a las finalidades y términos aquí expresados.


¿Are you worried about making reservation or simply sending your datas on the internet?

NWe have already think about this and we guarantee that the server en which it is store and treated your personal informations will of the safety measures necessary to avoid that a third unauthorized person have acess to them.

¿ How will i know if a web page is secure?

When asked to introduced your personal informations like credit card, independently of the safety system they have, you can only be certain that its safe when it appears in the bottom part of the a navigatuon system like this one :

Google Chrome
Mozila Firefox


Each and every reservation made in with your credit card or by our secure server tecnology.Our server has cumply with all for a commercial transaction online and is considered safe:

  • Autenticity: assure your browser that the information that is being sent to the correct server and that the server is secure.
  • Encrytion: codify the datas so that they cannot be read by nobody if not the safety server and assure your confidenciality.
  • Datas integration: assure that the datas transfered to make sure that they are not altered in this case assure the exchange information integrity.


Be assured that your transactions with your credit card are protected and are safe.

We have been using an advance safety system for the realization of our transactions with credit card with the objectif that your experience will be safe and comfortable.


Our security server usecriptografique tecniques that consist in the useof algorithm mathematiques that allow to encrypt and desencrypt messages,assuring that any transaction realize trough the internet will be kept private and protected. we use a safety protocol name" SSL3 ".

What is SSL?

Its an encryption method that avoid a third person to visualize or modify the datas sent via funcions that the clients navigation system of the consumers navigation system automatically ,transform , the payment order information before it is sent to the business or in case of using a virtual TPV, to the finace enthity. Once sebt,only the receievr witll be able to acess this information ,that will remain protected. so that this operative can result, you only need a navigation or operation system (internet explore,Netscape communicador). Recent developement in server or explorer tecnology have allowed easier internet services use without any type of worry for electronic fraude. Two exemples are the SSL ( Secure Sockset Layer),developped by Netscape and the S HTTP)Secure Hipertext Transfert Protocol), developped by Terisa System ,Inc. These two protocols of safety allow the authentification of the server and explorer so that communication flowing between them are secure.

Trough criptografic tecniques and digital siganture,these protocols allow the internet navigators and servers to identify one allows the owner of the website control the acess to the server,adress and particular archives .it facilitate the sending of sensitive informations,like credit card numbers and that this infor is unaccesible to a thirs party, and assure that the information shared between the navigator and the server can not be adultered,accidently or willingly ,without being detected.

Public key access certificate

An important elemtent in the safe and secure communication establishment via protocols SSL o S HTTPA its the public key acess. without those certificate of autheticity and verification,the safety offered by the SSL OR THE S http are not completely safe.

The credencials used to authentify the internet servers and its clients though protocols like SSL or S HTPP are called public key certificate X.509. A certificate of public key id like a passport, view that it verifies your identity and a third part known as authority certificate is the one that authorize the view of all information that your certificate permits you. following the passport analogy,a certified authority will be like a passport office,that verifies your identity,recognize and verify who you are and make a document specially for you.

Certified Authority and third party verification

A certified Authority is an institution that is responsable of emiting certificates identifying certificates to people,system or other entitys that the web uses .

Trough a digital print that give,the cerficate authority to link the identity of the posseser of the public key with the certificate,thats why the certificaticate viability is guarenteed. the web users posees their own certificate public key(also called root key) and they use it to verify other certificate. Doing so, they assure that the public key certificate are authentic keys of specific subjects and recognized that the authority certificate (that recognized and give them credibility) guarantee your link. The authorized certificate play a crucial part in the safety of the web, because its evolving as a third part fiable part.

In a web that big and complex as the internet,the fiability that offered a third part is necessary since exchanged have been necessary in relationship between the server and the client. the servers and clients maybe have not established a relation of trust and Certified authority is the link with whom its guraranteed the fiability of the sessions.the fact that both parts give credit to the CA,because it guarantees your identity safety and the lyability giving them two separate certificate,each part recognize and give credit to the other one, that way the session can go ahead without any risk of being discovered. Also,from the moment each part exhange their public key certificate,they can encript all the data in one session,eliminating the possibility of others to snoop around in the session or modify the data.

» PRIVACY STATEMENT consider the privacy of their client in a serious manner. Please read the next declaration of privacy to understand how we treat your personal data in our website..

The information that we get

The information that we get from you in relation with our confidenciality policy,we inform you tat we have informations about your taste and preferences with the objectif of providing the best experience possible in your shopping process. When you suscribe to our newsletter or by promotions we save your email adress and preferences along with any other information that you have provided as part of the personal process.When you buy something trough our website or trough our departement of customer service,its possible that we might need you to facilitate us information about your person to process the transaction and the delivery of your requets. T his information may includ informations like your name,adress and your credit card information. When you visit the trhough a link of another web page.we can save your informations of the said website for internal administration purposes.

What do we do with your personal information.?

In we use the personal information that you gave us so that your experience of buying online can be very positive and to provide you a personalize relation with the offers that can be of your interest. If you choose to receive offers,we will use your information to send you our newsletter and email offer so that you can be up to date with our most relevant offers. we can communicate your information to a third party just with the objective of completing your transaction,providing you with the services mentioned,for administrative reasons and to receive professional advice. However,its possible that we use the information for the user to receive informations and offers, promotios, publicity and recommendation about products or services relationed with our page and partner as long as the users the request it.

According to the update of IATA resolution 830d, passengers can decide to provide their contact information (telephone and email) to the airline of their reservation, so that they can contact them in case of any incident in the operation of the flights (without any other commercial purpose) In the case of exercising your right not to provide the airlines with such contact information, you must keep in mind that you may not receive information in case of cancellation or change of schedule with what that implies.
At the end of the reservation process, you will find the option to accept or deny your authorization


A "cookie" is a fragment of information that the browser stores in the hard disk of your computer. Each time you visit our web page,our server will recognize the cookie and propose information on your last visit this way it will provide us to give you a better service.The majority the browser accept the cookie use in an automatique form,but it can be modified,but you can change the configuration of your browser so that it does not do it.

Máxim security in your personal informations transaction seguridad en la transmisión de tus datos personales

We care and worry about you and we guarantee that the server in which your personal date will be stored and treated will benefit with the necessary security to avoid that a third person wit no authorization have acess to to them. Waiting till the last minute doesnt mean you have to take risk.


For the fact that you give us your personal information trough our web page or by phone we supose of your consent of the recollection, storage and process of those infos by the way established by this privacy declaration.

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