1. To which flight and what countries are the new rules applied to?

To all flights going from any airpot in the European Union,not depending of the destination or company,so to all passengers in transfert in an airport from the European Union. In all the countriesthat are a member of the European Union: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Denmark, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Holland, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Poland, Portugal, UK and Sweden. In addition, also apply to: Norway iceland or switzerland. for any possible doubt you can send an email to

2.- Can i carry liquids in my luggage?

Yes. These restrictions apply only to hand luggage, so you may take everything in your checked baggage.its recommended to have your luggage, if possible, identified.

3. Exceptions

Can i carry any type of liquid ?

The passengers will be able to carry in their hand bag liquid as soon as its introduced in individual containers with a capacity not superior than 100ml,inside a plastic transparent bag with a zipper and with a capacity not superior than 1 liter. The content of this bag should fit comfortably in the bag should be able to closeand zip completely..

Does this rule applies to medicated drugs? It will be allowed to carry in hand luggage medicines for use during the journey, presented separately at security checkpoints but not within the transparent bag. It is recommended that, as far as possible the passenger should carry with them the prescription for the medication.

¿Can baby food be carried in the hand luggage?

it will be allowed to carry in hand luggage food for the baby to use during the journey, presented separately at security control, but no inside a plastic bag.An authenticity proof might be submited at security control.

If for a disease motif i need a special diet during the flight,can i carry any food in my hand luggage?

It will be allowed to carry in your hand luggage some food that the passenger might need during the flight because of medical needs for example celiacs. It is recommended that the passenger bring the doctors prescription.

4. Can i bring the tranparent bad from home?

Yes. You should bring the bad already prepared from your home to avoid delay and collapse in other passengers filters. This way you would only have to take it out and deposit it in the tray.

If its a contract with a third provider, the conditions will be made by them.

5. How many bags can i bring ?

One per passenger with your boarding pass.

6. If i come from a country that is not the European Union and im gonna make the transfert to one that is, can i bring liquid in my hand luggage?

At the arrival at the European Union airport, all liquids that you want to take in your handbag should be in recipents not more than 100ml and inside of a tranparent bag with 1liter capacity with 1.1capacity with the exception of medecines ,baby food and special diets. All the things presented in that way should be left at the entrance gate of the security check point at the airport. for that we recommend that it would be best that all liquids go to the baggabe and is checked.

7. Can i buy liquids at bars, restaurants and airport machines at the airport to consume on the plane?

Theres a difference between the liquids that are bought before safety check or after it. before security check; all liquids that are bought at these stands wont be able to able to go trough and will have to be consume before.After security check: the liquids bought in these stands will be able to go trough the airplane, but they have to be consumed during the flight.

8. Who is responsible of the necessary documents for the travel?

It depends on the origen and destiny of the trip, as well as your nationality. The administration authority like ambassy,consuls will inform you about specifics formality necesary to realize the trip (passports, visas and vaccines) You are responsable to comply these formalities.You wont have any right to any refund in case your desembarque has been denied just by not presenting the required documents

9. If i buy a liquid in its wrapped in a box,is it necessary to take it out of the box?

No. Not only its not necessary,its better if it stays inside the box.

10. If i have to make a transfort in a spanish airport,but i come from a country that is not a member of the European Union,what happen if i had bought a gel or liquid in a store of the country i came from?

In any case will it be allowed in any control safety check of the European Union any liquid or gel that was bought in a third country not member of the EU and is in the hand luggage.These products should be put in the babbage in the airport of origin

11. Is there liquid product limit or gels boughts in stores that are after the safety contral check point?

No, there is no limit in these buys.

12. What will happened if i had an escale in a airport that doesnt belong to the European union and i bought a liquid or gel product in the stores of an airport that belongs to the Europan Union located after the safety contro gate?

In this case its not necesarry to take any extra safety measure.


1. How to reserve a vacational package ?

You can make a reservation request by phone or our web page. if the preview was realized trough our website,at the end of the procedure you should indicate a credit or debit card as a guarantee,but with no compromise or cost. After introducing your informations,our sistem will present you a confirmation page of reservation with a locator,which will indicate that your request is finalized and in shortly you will receive an email to your email you indicate to us with details of all the services you requested, we invite you tocheck all the data we sent you and if theres any incorect information please let us know as soon as possible by email at

At the time when our booking is making your reservation in a deadline of 48 hours we will be put in touch with you to confirm all the services and agree on the final payment of the trip and the sending of the documentation

2. How will i know if theres any availabily in the offers?

Altough actualize everyday the shown offers,we cant assure this availability with providers. To confirm the availabity its necessary to make a pre reservation(with no obigation).

3. can i modify a confirm reservation?

Yes.For any modification or cancelation of a reservation you should contact directlly our vacational booking agents. Depending on the time the annulation may occasions fees.

In case of a contract with a third agent, the comditions are the ones imposed by them.

4. How will i receive the documentation? What should i do if i never receive any ?

Once the total trip as ben paid will sent you the free documentation in aproximately 48 to 72 hours(from monday to friday) at the email adress that you have provided.

If you have any problems or your documenation was not delivered at the estimated time, please call us at 902 585 015 or write us at so that we can help to find a solution.

If you wish to receive your documentation at home, it will have an addtional cost, deping on the country and the zone to receive it, the estimate time to home delivery is 24 to 72 hours working hours, we wont be able to realize any deliver on week ends and holidays.

5. If i loose my documentation what should i do?

If this situation present itself, dont worry, since every documentation is personal. You should contact the vacational booking and we will emit a copy of your documentation.

6.- ¿where should i present myself ?

When you receive your documentation,we will include a personalize card indicating where and at what time you have to present yourself.

7.- ¿ who is responsable of having the documentation to travel?

It depends on the origin and destination of your trip, as well as your nationality. The administrative authorities as well as embassys and consulate will inform you about all the specific fomalitiesnecessary to realize tthe trip(passports,visas,vaccines). you are responsable to cumply with these wont have any acess to receive any refund in case you embark is denied by not presenting the requesting documents.

8.What should i do if theres any incident during my trip?

The first thing to do is making it by writing in the occured location and contact inmediately our vacational booking agent that will indicate all the next steps to take.

9. Are there special discounts for infants and / or children?

Yes. In most cases babies only pay fees and insurance. ( Except for some tour operators also charge them 10% of the rate base package ) . Children are considered from two years old to twelve years oldwithout meeting, these depending the tour operator, on destination, season, hotel and others, you can get a more or less Discount . Children from 12 years have the Discount of 3rd person sharing with two adults, this discount vary according to destination, tour operators , airline, type of travel, season, setting , etc.

When performing the pre - booking please indicate in the " Comments" field traveling with children and the age of each.

10. How will i know the price if im traveling alone?

All hotels applies extra fees for single rooms but in many cases, its not indicated in the offer thats why we will have to consulte with them first. While realizing your pre reservation indicate in the"comments ” section that u are traveling alone. we will contact you to give you the information of the personalized price.

11. Payments methods

  • Transfer: you can make your payment by bank deposit by Sabadell to checking account number bank IBAN ES16 0081 7123 1500 0113 8416 SWIFT BSABESBBXXX or Caixa to checking account number IBAN ES14 2100 0780 1013 0073 0447 SWIFT CAIXESBBXXX, always indicating the name and surname of the passenger that made the reservation. Once payment is made send us a boucher by mail to
  • Credit or debit card: To make payment by this method, you must do so through our website by clicking on the tab indicating their RESERVE YOUR LOCATOR booking.