All requests for reservations are under petition, so that once requested, we will handle it, by contacting the tour operator to confirm availability on selected dates. You will be contacted within 48 hours to inform you of the availability of the selected trip.
The reservation will not be confirmed until the payment of 30% as a signal. If the departure date of the reservation is less than fifteen days, the payment shall cover the entire journey if t all contracted services are confirmed in the opposite case its 50%.
Before confirming your reservation request, you may withdraw without penalty. After confirming your reservation if you want to abandon it, the penalty will be applicable as appropriate.
The consumer has the right to cancel the trip contracted at any time before departure. However, if the withdrawal occurs within 15 days prior to the trip, you must pay a penalty depending on the time remaining and it shall be:
a) 5% of the tour price if there is an advance of more than 10 and less than 15 days.
b) 15% of the tour price, if there is an advance from 10 to 3 days.
c) 25% of the tour price, if it occurs within 48 hours prior to departure.
These are general and may vary by the tour operator with which was appointed their journey, each has its own conditions of employment. In all cases, the consumer must pay management fees of 50€ per passenger as part of the optional services if they had any kind of refund.
t is considered abandonment of the consumer, once hired a trip decide to change Hotel, flight day or any other service recruited. In these cases the customer must pay the penalty indicated by the tour operator * and a handling fee of 50€ per booking. This will be possible if the changes of the required services are available and the tour operator permits *. * Each tour operator has their own travel conditions.
In any case, the agency is responsible for flight connections picked by the customer, if a cancellation or modification of the trip occurs. The agency will only be liable for the flight connections that are picked up directly by the tour operator that organizes the package.